About TMOL


It’s a little known fact that the older you get the cooler you get; a time when you’re more likely to have a little more pocket money and a lot more laughs … mostly at the absurdity of life.


Lucia is a born and bred Sydneysider with an acute and relentless curiosity about pretty much everything … except chess.

She likes to think of herself as an idealistic pragmatist with a well-tuned bullshit radar.


4 thoughts on “About TMOL

  1. Hi there Lucia. Long time no see. Just wondering if there is still a semi-regular group making their way to TCT on Wednesdays at the Darlo Bar. Everytime I get an email about it I think of you. (contacting you on here btw because I don’t do FB anymore – which is what my blog is primarily about) Over and out. x

    • Hi Pete. Long time indeed. Haven’t been to TCT for a while but up for it if you’re keen to head there one Wednesday. Cheers Lucia x

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